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Birria de chivo Recipe – How to Make Goat Meat Soup

Birria de chivo recipe! A complete How to make birria de chivo, recipe with list of birria de chivo ingredients, soup pictures and video on how to prepare birria de chivo soup. An easy as A-B-C birria de chivo soup instructions and kitchen tips.

Birria de chivo

Birria de chivo recipe step by step instructions, list of birria de chivo ingredients, easy birria de chivo soup directions, all from GlobalChefService.com

Unique Birria de chivo recipe method, with special birria de chivo ingredients list and soup pictures. We explain how to make birria de chivo soup; we also note various birria de chivo recipes, and give you video on how to prepare birria de chivo. And seasoned with the very Pro tips and kitchen notes you might need to accomplish this delicious item.

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When you visit Mexico you need to visit a poblano restaurant. Poblanos are the most important people in Mexico. The soup they eat are the most important soup in Mexico. You have to try tacos, you have to try burritos, you have to try enchiladas, you have to try quesadillas, you have to try burrito bowls, you have to try chilaquiles, you have to try machaca, you have to try fajitas, you have to try tostadas, you have to try aguas frescas, birria de chivo

Birria de Chivo means Goat in Chilies. The main ingredient of this dish is goat meat simmered in a chile guajillo sauce. This meat stew is known for its tenderness and flavor. But did you know, you can make it from scratch? That’s right. You can make this dish from scratch.

Have you ever tried the birria de chivo? If yes, you know how delicious and tasty it is. But what if you don’t know how to prepare it? Here is a simple recipe for you.

Learn how to prepare Birria de chivo. The following writings contains important information on how to make Birria de chivo from home.

What is Birria de chivo?

The culture of Mexico is one that is steeped in soup. In fact, soup is a part of many holidays and special events. One of the most famous dishes from Mexico is Birria de Chivo, which is a spicy stew made from goat meat. It would be a good idea to learn how to make Birria de Chivo, as this dish is a staple in so many households. The dish is a must-have if you are attending a party.

Birria literally translates to “goat meat” in Spanish. When prepared in this traditional way, it’s an amazing dish that everyone should try at least once. This blog will walk you through the process of cooking birria de chivo.

Birria is a type of stew that originates from Jalisco. The dish is made from goat meat that has been slow cooked until tender. The goat meat is cooked with a mix of spices and herbs that give it a distinct red color. In Mexico, birria is a traditional specialty of Jalisco.

It is a Mexican soup made with goat meat. Birria de Chivo popular in Mexico and the surrounding areas. The goat meat is cooked in a variety of ingredients that often includes chiles. The cooking process often involves slow simmering or braising. This Mexican soup is usually eaten with corn tortillas. The soup has a deep rich flavor that comes from the meat and the slow braising process.

Birria de chivo Recipe

I moved to the United States when I was 14 years old. After years of eating beef, pork, lamb, goat, and chicken, when I visited my grandmother in Jalisco, Mexico, I was in for a shock. It was when I tasted the birria de chivo I had in her town of Atotonilco, when I realized I was missing out on something special. If you’re not familiar with birria de chivo, it is a Jalisco-style goat stew. 

Here you have simple and straightforward instructions, directions on how to prepare Birria de chivo. Also, birria de chivo ingredients list and tips is also covered.

Birria de chivo recipe
Recipe: Birria de chivo Recipe
Category: Soup
Cuisine: Mexican
Preparation Time:
Cooking time:
Servings: 5
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About: Birria de chivo recipe guide. It is a traditional goat meat soup. Learn how to make your authentic soup, birria de chivo.

Birria de chivo Ingredients List

People in Mexico know that birria de chivo can bring families together. It’s a dish that no one can resist. Here are the ingredients that you need for this dish to guide you along the way.


Here you have all the list of ingredients for making Birria de chivo. Directions and how to prepare birria de chivo follows after.

  • 1 kilo of goat meat
  • 4 liters of water
  • 1/2 whole onion
  • 3 garlic cloves without skin
  • 300 grams of cooked guajillo chili
  • 1/2 onion finely chopped
  • 1 tablespoon ground dried cumin
  • 7 dried bay leaves
  • 1/2 tablespoon of grated ginger
  • 1 tablespoon thyme
  • Salt and pepper (in quantity to taste)

Birria de chivo recipe step by step

Birria de chivo recipe instructions! Here you have all the step by step information on preparation of birria de chivo. Easy to follow directions on how to prepare birria de chivo recipe below.

Below is a recipe for the most hearty birria de chivo. The recipe is very simple and you can prepare it in no time. You can as well watch the video that follows later for a step-by-step preparation. This video will guide you to a delicious meal.

  1. Over medium heat, heat a dry skillet. About 20 seconds after toasting the chiles, they should be fragrant. Place in a heat-resistant container with a cover. Bring 5 cups water to a boil, then pour over the chiles until they are barely covered. Set aside for 20 minutes after covering the container.
  2. Cook the goat flesh for around 180 minutes in a big pot with water, onion, and garlic (2 hours 30 minutes).
  3. Cook the guajillo chile with onion, cumin, bay leaf, ginger, thyme, salt, and pepper to make a marinade.
  4. If desired, add the vinegar and tequila, then combine and filter.
  5. After the meat has finished cooking, brush it with the marinade and let it on the grill for another 60 minutes to absorb the flavors.
  6. Ready for serving.

Birria de chivo soup images

These are few birria de chivo soup photos. Carefully taken Birria de chivo soup pictures evoking the birria de chivo’s best traits and its inherent deliciousness. With high quality colors and textures of the dish celebrated enormously.

Homemade Birria de chivoHow to make birria de chivoBirria de chivo souphow to prepare Birria de chivo

Video on How to make Birria de chivo

Watch the video know-how of Birria de chivo. Have a audio-visual clue and in depth explanations on how to make birria de chivo. Below is the video on how to prepare birria de chivo.

Video Title: How to make Birria de chivo


Learn how to make birria de chivo. It is a traditional goat meat soup. This is a video on how to prepare fantastic birria de chivo.

As much as possible, you have to take care of your health. Eat healthy soup, drink lots of water, exercise, and have a positive outlook on life. If you don’t have a positive outlook, you will never get better. And don’t forget to find time for yourself. There is always time in the day to take care of yourself.

How to make Birria de chivo, endnote

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