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Sincronizadas Recipe – How to Make Flour Sandwich

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Sincronizadas recipe step by step instructions, list of sincronizadas ingredients, easy directions, all from GlobalChefService.com

Sincronizadas recipe methods, sincronizadas ingredients and pictures. How to make sincronizadas, various sincronizadas recipes, video on how to prepare sincronizadas. Basic sincronizadas instructions video

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Have you ever tried the sincronizadas? If yes, you know how delicious and tasty it is. But what if you don’t know how to prepare it? Here is a simple recipe for you.

My wife’s family makes a traditional cake in Mexico called Sincronizada, which is a Mexo Crepe Cake filled with manjar blanco. I thought I would share a blog on how to make a Sincronizadas in the shape of a pentagon, in honor of my son turning 5 years old.

Are you planning on making Sincronizadas and want to learn more about it? Are you looking for a great recipe? Are you looking for a traditional recipe? Are you looking for a modern recipe? Are you looking for a vegan recipe? Are you looking for a vegetarian recipe? This recipe blog is the place for you.

Learn how to prepare Sincronizadas. The following writings contains important information on how to make Sincronizadas.


Sincronizadas is a typical Mexican food that is very popular in Mexico. It is certainly one of the most popular dishes that people get when they go to the capital of Mexico. This classic dish is made in the streets with the most basic of ingredients. It is classic street food that is made in front of your eyes. This sincronizadas recipe post will give you detailed instructions on how to make this delicacy at home.

Sincronizadas is a typical traditional dish that is popular as a snack. In some way, it resembles a sandwich. In the center is a piece of sweet bread, often fresh from the panadería, sometimes toasted. On top of the bread is a seasoned ground beef paste, a slice of melón or melon, a slice of tomato, a slice of onion, and a large dollop of mayonnaise.

The quesadilla sincronizada is a flour tortilla-based sandwich made by sandwiching ham vegetables (such as tomatoes, lettuce, onion, and so on) and a portion of Oaxaca cheese (or any type of cheese) between two flour tortillas in Mexican-American and Mexican cuisine. They are then grilled or lightly fried until the cheese melts and the tortillas become crispy, before being cut into halves or wedges and served with salsa and pico de gallo, avocado or guacamole on top, and other toppings or condiments.

Sincronizadas can be eaten on a plate, on a Mexican torta, or as a sandwich using the bread as the sandwich bread.

Sincronizadas is a traditional dish from the state of Veracruz in Mexico. It is a regional dish and has a tortilla base topped with a salsa made with tomatoes, jalapenos and onion. In this blog we will provide you with a recipe to make your own sincronizada.


Sincronizadas is a popular street food in the Mexican state of Veracruz. The bread is similar to French toast but filled with light caramelized cheese, cooked ham, an egg, and then topped with butter and powdered sugar. Sincronizadas is best eaten with hot chocolate or atole. It makes for a great breakfast or brunch!

Here you have simple and straightforward instructions, directions on how to prepare Sincronizadas. Also, sincronizadas ingredients list and tips is also covered.

Sincronizadas recipe
Recipe: Sincronizadas Recipe
Category: Snack
Cuisine: Mexican
Preparation Time:
Cooking time:
Servings: 5
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About: Sincronizadas recipe guide. Sincronizadas is a Mexican tortilla base dish topped with a salsa made with tomatoes, jalapenos and onion. Learn how to make your authentic food, sincronizadas.

Sincronizadas Ingredients List

Here you have all the ingredients for making Sincronizadas. Directions and how to prepare sincronizadas follows after.


Sincronizadas ingredients

  • 8 corn tortillas
  • 1 tablespoon extra virgin olive oil
  • 4 slices good quality ham
  • 4 slices white or yellow cheddar, or cheese of your choice
  • Guacamole
  • Salsa
  • Shredded Oaxaca (Optional)
  • 1 can of chipotle chili pepper
  • green lettuce leaves
  • 50 milliliters of sour cream

Sincronizadas recipe step by step

The sincronizadas is a sandwich that is very easy to make and is one of the most popular dishes in Colombia. If you want to prepare this delicious sandwich for your family then let us take you through the steps that you need to take to prepare this delicious dish. Sincronizadas Recipe: This is a recipe for a basic sincronizadas sandwich.

Sincronizadas preparations! Here you have all the step by step information on preparation of sincronizadas. Directions and how to prepare sincronizadas recipe below.

Below is a recipe for the most delicious sincronizadas. The recipe is very simple and you can prepare it in no time. Watch the video for a step-by-step preparation. This video will guide you to a delicious meal.

  1. Place the shredded cheese on a dish. If you’ve chosen yellow cheese, grate it and set it aside.
  2. Heat the vegetable oil, if using, in a skillet or griddle over medium heat.
  3. Place one of the flour tortillas on the heated griddle; this can be as thick or thin as you like.
  4. Half of the cheese, 2 oz. ham, and the remaining cheese are layered on top. Making sure it stays in the center so it doesn’t leak as it melts.
  5. Cover with the other tortilla and cook until the cheese has melted and the bottom tortilla is golden brown.
  6. When the cheese begins to melt, check to see if the underside of the tortilla has developed golden brown spots with your spatula.
  7. Flip the sincronizadas when the bottom has developed these golden brown patches and continue to cook until both sides are golden brown and the cheese has melted.
  8. Reduce the heat and cook for a few more minutes if you want a particularly crispy texture.
  9. After that, fold it in half and insert a lettuce leaf inside.
  10. Cut into wedges on a cutting board and serve warm with guacamole, salsa, and sour cream.
  11. Meanwhile, create the chipotle and cream mixture and either spoon it on top of each synchronized or serve it individually for each person to add on their own.

Sincronizadas food images

How to make sincronizadasHow to make sincronizadasSincronizadas foodSincronizadas recipe

Video on How to make Sincronizadas

Watch the video know-how of Sincronizadas. Have a audio-visual clue and in depth explanations on how to make sincronizadas. Below is the video on how to prepare sincronizadas.

Video Title: How to make Sincronizadas

Learn how to make sincronizadas. Sincronizadas is a Mexican tortilla base dish topped with a salsa made with tomatoes, jalapenos and onion. This is a video on how to prepare fantastic sincronizadas.


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How to make Sincronizadas, endnote

I hope you like this recipe. It has been a part of Salvadoran cuisine for a long time, and I really think it’s a great combination of flavors. It’s a huge favorite in my home.

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